Sunday, January 24, 2010

Negotiating Tip: What Can I Negotiate?

Hello All:

I get this question all the time : " What can I negotiate in order to make a steady income?" Well, besides that being a loaded question, I mean, come on that's like asking me what you should take in college! What I mean to say is the world is really at your beck and call...

You can virtual negotiate anything on behalf of an individual or organization! Below I'll give you some examples below.

You can negotiate...

--> IRS Tax Liens

--> Loan Modifications

--> Business to Business debts

--> Business to Business Law Suits

--> Leases

--> Credit Card Debt

--> Installment Loans

--> Lines of Credit

--> Meals/Employment Taxes


These are just a few of the venues you could be making consistent cash flow from with your own negotiating business. For more information on how you can start your business today click here

Monday, January 18, 2010

Negotiating Tip: Making Money with Foreclosures

Hello All:

I just got off the phone with a real estate attorney friend of mine that confirmed what I have been telling you, my faithful readers for the past 3 months! What's that you say? That the 3rd wave of foreclosures has begun to raise its ugly head. He said he can't handle the amount of individuals coming to him seeking loan modification/foreclosure help on properties that have first and second mortgages on them (AKA Prime loans). Also, individuals with home equity loans that are in default are starting to become more numerous!

Most individuals have been living off their credit cards hoping to trend water until a turnaround in the economy; but most have run out of time. My attorney friend said the average credit card debt he is seeing is between $50K - $200K; that means we will also see an uptick in bankruptcies!

If this trend continues, which I don't see any evidence it won't, we will see commercial foreclosures sky rocket! Fasten your seatbelts; this is going to be a bumpy ride…
So what does that mean for us as Independent Arbitrators? It means another avenue for income; mainly negotiating loan modifications, and possible negotiating that credit card debt if there is consistent cash flow in order to structure payment plans , and of course, enough money remaining to pay our fees

For more information on how you can cash in on this lucrative niche – click here .

Remember, those who can recognize trends and patterns, and act on them quickly will always make money in any economy.

Until next time be well.

James A. Gage

Friday, January 8, 2010

Negotiating Tip: No Today, Doesn't Mean No Tomorrow

To many times we as negotiators give up on sales calls, contracts or just plain one-on-one negotiating because someone told us no. Why? Because somewhere along life's journey we have been told if someone tells us no today, that means tomorrow the answer will be the same - nothing could be further from the truth!
Over the past 20 plus years that I have been negotiating, there have been numerous times that if I did not revisit the issue after a client or prospect said no to me, I would have missed out on the transaction or deal.

Once you have received cutting edge negotiating training like I provide my students, it will become second nature to you when it is appropriate to revisit an issue or prospect. To learn more about my training program or sign up for a Free Newsletter click here .